Trust on the Dark Web

Cover: PhD thesis Lukas Norbutas

Why would anyone engage in risky business with a total stranger? In this project, we analyze how criminals cooperate on Dark Web markets and forums. We use rational choice and game theoretical explanations of individual trust and study effects of reputation, information diffusion and rule enforcement on exchanges in Dark Web criminal networks. We use text mining techniques, discrete choice modeling, and advanced social network analysis on unique longitudinal data of online exchanges on the Dark Web.
This project is funded by an NWO Research Talent 2015 grant, no. 406-15-106 for PhD candidate <a href=“"target=_blank>Lukas Norbutas, who defends his thesis on March 6, 2020.

Professor / Senior Researcher

Trained as a quantitative sociologist, specialised in geographic and environmental criminology, interested in understanding why crime happens where and when it does and rigorous testing of its explanations and the policies and practices to prevent it.